Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WPR Farewell to Paul e-jawn

Some words from the management

West Philly Runners has been an amazing part of my life. It's helped me put down roots in West Philly and meet an amazing group of people that I'm lucky to call my friends. One of those friends I've known for what feels like forever, when a small group of us would meet every week and go upstairs to Fiume. I met Paul when I was working as barista at Green Line and living in an objectively much worse house. Paul hosted WPR post-run parties and the occassional post-run afterparty. His house was also the site of the making of the first WPR shirts. Basically, Paul goes way back. Like way, way back. And now, sadly, he's pulling up stakes and heading down to South America.

While it's hard to let him go, it's also hard to keep him here since he's sold all of his house, all of his stuff, and his car. So, I guess we'll say bon voyage and all that and see him off in the best way we can: with a run and drinks at Pasqually's. Be sure to come out and get on the visitors' list for when he gets setled in Equador.

This week's routes to Pasqually's

43rd and Walnut (ignore the route end point)
6 Miler

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