Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WPR e-jawn for October 7th

Some words from the management


Sometimes it's cold and rainy on race day but you know there are shelter dogs that are damn well not going to pet themselves. So you get out of your warm bed and get your butt down to the Navy Yard and you run a 5k to make those pups proud. Great job to the WPRs that did the Rescue Run on Saturday!

This week is special. For the first time since we formally outgrew Fiume, we will be ending our run back where we started at 45th and Locust. This time, we're going to check out the newly opened Dollol. The place is cash only for now so bring cash and you ID!

Upcoming événements du sport

Back on My Feet Community Track Meet - Tuesday October 6th

Some of you may remember running laps around a track in high school or college. If those memories make you nostalgic then you should definitely come out for this event at Temple's Track at 5:30pm tomorrow. But even if you've never run a lap around a track in your life, you won't want to miss out on the fun of a good ole fashioned track meet. WPR will form up relay and individual teams at the event tomorrow so just come out. Don't forget to bring some cash for donations to the cause.


Run ALL the Half-Marathons in October

Another fun impact of the pope visit is that it bumped the Rock & Roll Half Marathon back to October 31st. That means you can now do what has been dubbed as the Philly Triple (which I thought was shorthand for a cheese stake-induced triple bypass). Details about the Sloppy Cuckoo and Oktoberfest two-pack offer at Uberendurance Sports.

This week's routes to Dollol

230 S. 45th St.
6 Miler

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