The 5th Annual WPR 26x1 Mile Marathon Relay - May 28, 2017

The Race

Teams of 13 people (or less if you can't fill a full team) will race for their fastest collective marathon time. Each runner will run two one-mile laps for their team; members on incomplete teams will have to do more than 2 laps each.


May 28 9am at the Woodlands.

The Champion

Each team will select a runner - different than their last mile runner - to run the final 0.2 miles to complete the official marathon for the team. Selection for this position is considered a great honor.

The Baton

Each team must devise their own baton. It an be anything - a snap bracelet, a banana, a stick, a pompom, etc.

The Torch

Each team's champion will complete his 0.2 mile leg with a torch of their making. It probably should not be on fire, but I'll look the other way.


Registration for the 2017 race is open here.