Tuesday, September 29, 2015

WPR closing out September

(all photos by Kyle Cassidy)
Well it's been a pretty amazing week. First the Pope comes out here and shuts this whole city down for the weekend. What we expected would be hell on wheels turned into one of the most amazing experiences I can recall. With the roadways closed down to cars and even an absence of parked cars in many areas, the city was a pedestrian playground and walkers, cyclists, and runners took over the place. I hope you had a chance to check it out. (Hopefully we can make it happen again.)

Then earlier this week, Kyle unleashed some nostalgia by asking folks on Facebook what they remember from their first run with WPR. There are some great stories in there. You should check it out and share your own.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program. Back to Pasqually's this week!

Próximos eventos deportivos

The Rescue Run 5K - Saturday October 3rd

The Rescue Run 5K  is Philly’s first race to benefit and promote rescue and adoption.  Annually in the Fall, hundreds of runners gather at the Navy Yard to race in honor of the dogs we love so much.  Numerous rescue groups and shelters attend the Rescue Rally following the race.  Racers, spectators, family and friends are able to meet furry friends for adoption and get more information about volunteering with local animal shelters.  Proceeds go to continuing the mission of The Monster Milers, Philly’s shelter dog running and rescue, 501c3 non-profit volunteer group.  You in?  Register today.

Run ALL the Half-Marathons in October

Another fun impact of the pope visit is that it bumped the Rock & Roll Half Marathon back to October 31st. That means you can now do what has been dubbed as the Philly Triple (which I thought was shorthand for a cheese stake-induced triple bypass). Details about the Sloppy Cuckoo and Oktoberfest two-pack offer at Uberendurance Sports.

This week's routes to Pasqually's

43rd and Walnut
6 Miler

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