Monday, October 29, 2012

WPR's Turning Two With a Soggy Post-Sandy Run

I can't help but think what a great time it is to write a post about Wednesday's upcoming run and two-year birthday celebration  while I sit here stranded in the midst of a hurricane. It's a great time to look forward to dryer, less windy days. Better yet, a great time to look forward to seeing all of the amazing people that I have met through West Philly Runners (now entering into its third year), run a bit, drink a bit, and stuff myself full of chili. I've said it many times before, but I am so happy to have met everyone who has come to WPR over these last two years. It also fills me with great joy thinking about all of connections formed through WPR: new friendships, new more-than-friendships, and at least one birth (OK, fine, WPR can't take credit for that...)

And for this year's wildly inaccurate prediction, we have collectively consumed roughly 160 gallons of beer together in the past two years! My mathematical ninja skills suggest that this year's beer consumption was up an egregiously poorly calculated 40 gallons from last year. Good work everyone!

One last thing. You all inspire me to keep running and I'm looking forward to many more years of running (and drinking) with all of you!

Birthday Halloween Chili Party at Sara's!

We are TWO years old!! Can you believe it? I sure as hell can not! And our birthday falls auspiciously on Halloween this year. So, let's dress up like ghouls and fools (I'll be the latter), run a bunch and then head to Sara's house for some libations and chili!

Speaking of chili, you should think about cooking some and competing in the cook-off. Space is limited, so contact Sara to make sure she can fit your chili in her economically sized apartment. All the details about the event are on this facepage:

The routes (ending at Sara's - 4301 Spruce St. Apt A102)

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