Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Schuylkill River Park Connector Bridge Official Run

Did Someone Say "New Bridge?"

If you've been at West Philly Runners for long enough, you'll know that we are obsessed with running over bridges. It is a love affair born of necessity, being a quick bridge crossing from East Philadelphia. We were there to celebrate the reopening of the South Street Bridge (so glorious!). And we'll be there to feel that sweet, sweet concrete and steel beneath our feet for the first time crossing the dinky little Schuylkill River Park connector bridge that crosses over the often smelly CSX line. Yes, at WPR we celebrate bridges large and small. Join us, it will be as exciting as a binder full of women.

Upcoming AMAZING Events:

(close enough)
West Philly Runners is turning Two! Costume Run and Chili Cookoff! Wednesday, October 31st. Check out these details from our amazing hosts, Sara & Claire. Don't forget to wear your costume!

What: WPR 2nd year anniversary/Halloween/Chili Cookoff!

Where: 4301 Spruce St. Apt A102. If you go to the 43rd side, there is a call box with my name - S. Chadwick - on it. If you don't have my number and need in, call that!

Who: Sara & Claire

Supplied by us: Bowls, Spoons, Crackers, Cheese, Sour Cream, some beer.

Entrants: That's where you guys come in! My place isn't too big, but I have room probably for six entries of chili. What that means is that it is first come, first serve for entries! So, for people interested, email me at saralchadwick@gmail.com. I'll need to know if it is veggie or not - we do have a contingent of vegetarians we must serve. If I get 6 entries for all meat, I'll make sure to make a big pot of vegetarian!

More: But you may be asking yourself 'wait, I'm not an entrant - what else can I provide?' Okay, if you don't want to enter or if you miss the cut, you can bring: beer, dessert, Halloween Candy, cornbread, beer. We're a running club with a pretty big beer problem, so you can't go wrong with that. Don't forget that beer is a good thing to bring.

Ready, set, chili!

This Week's Runs (drinks at Local 44 Bottle Shop - bring your ID or take the sober walk of shame home!)

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