Monday, November 5, 2012

Test of the True Runners

I always look at the weather forecast before writing WPR posts and what I saw this week was a real eyebrow raiser. While temperatures will peak at about 40 degrees on Wednesday, the chance of rain will increase to 65% and the wind speed to 40 mph mid-day and through the time of our run. Sounds like a challenge. I'll see those who are stout of heart on Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Upcoming WPR Festivities:

WPR Marathon Cheering Squad. November 18 at 7:45-10am at the circle at 41st St and Avenue of the Republic. Not running the marathon, but want to be a part of it? Come cheer with WPR at the Mile 10 marker at the West Fairmount Park Civil War Memorial. The runners will have just finished a rough hilly section and will really appreciate our support. Here's a course map:

Philadelphia Marathon After Party. November 18 at 1pm. 418 South 43rd St. Paul has offered up his place for a lighthearted post-race party on Marathon Sunday. The party will coincide with the Eagles game and will start late enough to give everyone a chance to go home and clean up post-race. Paul will have pizza and beer on hand, but it is always great to bring stuff over if you feel like it. Good luck on race day!

The Routes:

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