Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Running at Fiume

I was really at a loss for something to write about and then I realized that there's nothing that I can say that compares to this amazing Spring weather - oh and it's officially Spring now. I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. We're back at Fiume after the run and I know we're going to get a nice group to stink up Kevin's bar.

Upcoming Events...

Saturday, 3/24.Volunteer at Cobbs Creek Park. We're going to have a group volunteering at the Cobbs Creek Park cleanup. We'll meet up at 63rd St. (aka Cobbs Creek Parkway) and Walnut at the Cobbs Creek Ice Rink parking lot at 10am. If you are coming later, no problem, just give me a call 267-324-9948.

Sunday, 4/1. Schuylkill Banks 1 Mile Time Trial. What's a time trial race? Instead of starting everyone out at once, only one person starts. Exactly 10 seconds later, the next runner starts, and every 10 seconds, they send out the next. According to the organizers, it’s very exciting to run and watch! $10 entry.

Saturday, April 21. Cobbs Creek 5K. Sign up now! This is the official West Philly Runners run and I personally challenge you all to a race. Registration is a very affordable $20 and goes to benefit kids' recreational (that means sports) activities in the Cobbs Creek Park. You're basically a bad person if you don't sign up.

Sunday, May 6. Broad Street Run. Just in case you forgot about it.

Sunday, May 26. ODDyssey Half Marathon. Costumed half marathon in West Philly! Do I really need to say anything more? When you register, on the 2nd screen there is a question "How did you hear about the ODDyssey Half Marathon?" Select "Ambassador" and then select Alon Abramson from the field that shows up. If we get 20 people registered under my name we'll get a post-run tent where we can drink and make merry. If we get 30 we'll get a private porter John!


2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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