Wednesday, May 18, 2022

WPR weekly deets: May 18


Some Words from the Management

Thanks to everyone who came out last week and to those who signed up for the Mayor's Cup team! This week, we'll make things easier and will end our runs at Lisa's huge side yard (thanks Lisa!) at 913 St. Bernard St. (right at Warrington Ave). When you get there, go in the gate to the side yard on the left side of her house.

I forgot to take a photo last week at the Mayor's Cup thing so here's a great throwback from the Love Run. I never had a chance to share our amazing WPR Potty. Having our own bathroom was, in fact, as awesome as you would expect!

A few housekeeping things. If you've been meaning to Venmo me for beers, please do so @alon-abramson. And let me know if you can host the group or help me nail down some new places to go after our runs.

Runs start at Clark Park (44th and Baltimore) and end at Lisa's (913 St Bernard St)!

Runs End at Lisa's place
(913 St. Bernard St)

6 Miler

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