Tuesday, May 10, 2022

WPR weekly deets: May 11

Some Words from the Management

We're really mixing it up this week and running over to the Mayor's Cup Pep Rally! It's a great chance to meet runners from other parts of the city who run with other groups and talk some shit ahead of the race (or you can be cordial if that's your thing). You can register for the Mayor's Cup at the pep rally or just hang out. Just keep in mind that we'll be heading to 18th and Washington so plan ahead. We're going to have a driver who can bring extra gear to the event for you!

All runs start at Clark Park  (44th and Baltimore) and end at Punch Buggy Brewing (1719 Washington Ave)

Runs End at Punch Buggy Brewing
(1719 Washington Ave)

6 Miler

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