Wednesday, April 21, 2021

WPR weekly deets: April 21

Some Words from the Management

It's Earth Week! So when you're out there tromping across West Philly, remember to take in some of the spring beauty and think about how we can either dismantle capitalism or make it work in service of both people and the environment!

All runs end at Heather's place (5000 block of Pentridge)!
Come for the run, stay for the drinks! Non-runners are also welcome to come join us. I'll bring a cooler full of beverages and all are welcome to it. (couple of bucks donations welcome).
COVID Run Rules
1. Wear a mask. This isn't optional.*
2. Wear your mask while running. Also not optional.
3. Gather in Clark Park
(in the grass close to the path right near 44th and Baltimore Ave)
4. Keep some distance when we gather at Clark Park and during the run. It may be easiest to run staggered so that you can take up less space.
5. Decide ahead of time what distance you're running and your preferred speed and try to learn the route. When you arrive, talk with other runners and find a group that matches your distance/pace. Do your best to accommodate people so we can have everyone running in a group.
6. Folks will go out in waves based on pace, fastest to slowest.
7. As always, don't be an asshole.

* If you don't have a mask and need one, please let me know and I'll get you one.

Runs End at Heather's place
(5000 block of Pentridge)

6 Miler


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