Wednesday, October 21, 2020

WPR weekly deets: October 21


Some Words from the Management

We're keeping up our awesome new tradition of celebrating our weekly runs with beverages in the park. We are blessed with insanely warm for October weather (though the humidity may leave something to be desired) so everyone should feel comfortable sticking around afterwards. Also, check out the info about our new long-sleeve shirts down below.

As we get into colder weather, we're still planning to have our post-run hangs at Clark Park, though we recognize that it will be...cold. We're starting to strategize how to stay comfortable throughout COVID winter. So far, we've thought of two things. First is that we'll have a large thermos of hot water for making hot drinks (tea and apple cider packets + whiskey, for example). The second is that we'll have a pre-run gear drop at the park so we can bring heavier clothes to put on after our runs to stay comfy. This second piece will require some volunteers to hang out with our stuff while folks are running. We'll cycle volunteers so it's not burdensome on any one person. Look out for a gear watch signup form coming soon.

Come for the run, stay for the dranks! We're going to hang out at Clark Park to enjoy some post-run group drinks again this week.  Non-runners are also welcome to come join us. I'll bring a cooler full of beverages and all are welcome to it. (couple of bucks donations welcome). Clarkville also sells pints to go and is very nice about letting folks use the bathroom.
COVID Run Rules
1. Wear a mask. This isn't optional.*
2. Wear your mask while running. Also not optional.
3. Gather in Clark Park
(in the grass close to the path right near 44th and Baltimore Ave)
4. Keep 6' apart when we gather at Clark Park and during the run. It may be easiest to run staggered so that you can take up less space.
5. Decide ahead of time what distance you're running and your preferred speed and try to learn the route. When you arrive, talk with other runners and find a group that matches your distance/pace. Do your best to accommodate people so we can have everyone running in a group.
6. Folks will go out in waves based on pace, fastest to slowest.
7. Run on the road as much as possible, on the left side against the flow of traffic. This is to be kind to pedestrians on the sidewalk by giving them plenty of passing space.
8. As always, don't be an asshole.

* If you don't have a mask and need one, please let me know and I'll get you one.

All runs start at Clark Park and end at Clark Park!

Upcoming Events

WPR Long-sleeve T-Shirts!

The long wait is over! We haven't had WPR gear available in quite a while and we've never had long sleeve shirts, but thanks to Emma's efforts (and her brother's masterful artistry) we have the perfect shirt for the winter of COVID. Philadelphia Runner is running the shirt sale and you can order yours on their site and either get them delivered (free delivery with orders of $50+) or pick them up for free at the West Philly store by using code "WPR". 

The sale is only open for two weeks so get your order in by Election Day, November 3 (and also make sure you vote!).

Friday Morning Run - end your run at 7am at the Woodlands gate

We started an official morning run deal! The idea is you go do your run on your own, preferably with some part of your run in the Woodlands, and we'll all meet up at the end of our runs at 7am at the Woodland front gate for a socially distanced celebration (distanced high fives?).

The goal is to have more runners at the Woodlands in the morning so we know there's a strong group there, even if we're all running solo or in small groups.

Consider stashing a thermos of coffee at the gate for an extra excuse to stick around and chat for a bit.

Runs End at Clark Park

6 Miler

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