Tuesday, January 14, 2020

WPR weekly deets: January 15

Some Words from the Management

Get out of here with this ridiculous weather in January! It's not going to stick around long so get your butt out and run with us in this lovely fall weather!

This week's run ends at Pasqually's

Upcoming Run Sports

WPR Interval Training - Mondays at 5:30pm

Whether your training plan is calling for it or you just want to add a little variety to your running, WPR has you covered for your interval training needs down. We meet up at Penn Park every week at 5:30pm at the bike racks south of the western soccer field (if someone has a better way of describing that location then let me know...).

The standard workout is 3-5x 1000m with 400m recovery between sets and the group is very good at explaining that workout to new folks who come out... so come out!

Runs End at Pasqually's
43rd and Walnut

6 Miler

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