Tuesday, November 5, 2019

WPR weekly deets: November 6

Some Words from the Management

Guess what this week is? It's our birthday and WPR is turning 9!!! Come celebrate with us, which just means showing up and doing the normal thing!

This week's run ends at Local 44 Bottle Shop

Upcoming Run Sports

Woodlands Gobble Wobble - Saturday November 9

This 5K wobble takes you through the historic grounds of William Hamilton's 18th century estate, 19th century cemetery and modern day urban oasis. Outrun the West Philly Turkey and support the neighborhood's best running spot. The race takes place on the paved road within The Woodlands Cemetery, with the start and finish line near the Hamilton Mansion. The first place runners for Women and Men will win a turkey or (tofurkey!) from Mariposa Co-op. All proceeds from this race go towards the continued improvement of The Woodlands for our community.

WPR Interval Training - Mondays at 5:30pm

Whether your training plan is calling for it or you just want to add a little variety to your running, WPR has you covered for your interval training needs down. We meet up at Penn Park every week at 5:30pm at the bike racks south of the western soccer field (if someone has a better way of describing that location then let me know...).

The standard workout is 3-5x 1000m with 400m recovery between sets and the group is very good at explaining that workout to new folks who come out... so come out!

Runs End at Local Bottle Shop
44th and Walnut

6 Miler

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