Tuesday, May 8, 2018

WPR e-jawn: May 9th

Some Words from the Management

Congratulations to all of you who ran and cheered at the Broad Street Run on Sunday!!

This week we've got the first of the season's Runner Happy Hours at the Woodlands! It's going to be a good time so don't miss out!!

We're also going to be running into the crew at Charge Fitness who are going to be doing a workout in the Clark Park Bowl. Feel free to join them for a quick workout and then continue on with your run to the Woodlands! They'll also join us at the Woodlands for more cross training (ahem, beers!).

This week's runs end at The Woodlands!

Upcoming Sports Jawns

May Runner's Happy Hour -  Wednesday, May 9

The Woodlands Happy Hour is this weeeeek!! We'll end our run there and take advantage of the awesome space and the beers courtesy of Yards!

Free for members
$10 suggested donation for non-members

26x1 Marathon Relay Challenge -  Saturday, May 19

Everyone's favorite team marathon relay is coming up again (in like 4 months, but still)! Get yourself registered! Time is running out (it's not, you have plenty of time)!

All funds raised go to the Woodlands, because they're the best and they're hosting the event again this year!

Run Fest - Sunday, June 3rd

You may have heard of Run Fest or maybe you know it by its old name ODDyssey Half Marathon. Either way, you should know that it's fricken awesome and that you need to get your ass on our team. We are currently leading with largest team...probably because it's December and the race is in June. But regardless! We're super hype! We want you there! There will be costumes! There will be lotsa fun running! And there will be a beer garden with a party tent at the end!

Run Ends at The Woodlands
40th and Woodland

6 Miler

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