Tuesday, May 15, 2018

WPR e-jawn - May 16th

Some Words from the Management

The spring weather has struck again, this time with a poorly timed week of rain ahead of the scheduled 26x1 race day. Due to this crap weather, we're delaying the race until July 21. You can seek a refund if you can't make it. You might also consider donating your registration to the Woodlands anyway because they are awesome.

This week's runs end at Local 44 Bottle Shop or
Mayor's Cup Pep Ralley (Philadelphia Brewing Co)!

Upcoming Sports Jawns

Mayor's Cup Pep Rally -  Wednesday, May 16

The Pep Rally is an opportunity to meet competing clubs and maaaaybe do a little (good-natured) trash-talking while enjoying brews on a spring evening.

Registration will open on-site at the Pep Rally: the first 50 people to register will claim a FREE BEER, and everyone will get a $5 discount on their registrations.

This week's run will have an optional route that goes straight to the Pep Rally so you can rep WPR and take advantage of the discounted registration...and do some trash talking.

Couch or 5K II: Electric Boogalloo - Saturday June 2

Runners of all levels are invited to join a fun and friendly (and professionally timed) 5k around the official Woodlands 5k loop. The run starts at 9am. Dogs are welcome to run with you!

Before, during and after the race, your hosts will be serving bottomless iced coffee generously provided by Grindcore House and endless vegan donuts courtesy of Dottie’s Donuts. Participants can choose to run or relax--or both--all while supporting a good cause.

The event is a fundraiser for both The Woodlands, a National Historic Landmark and active cemetery that has blossomed into a vibrant community space, and Misfit Manor, a local nonprofit that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes at-risk animals, provides refuge to those that cannot be adopted out, and reduces the number of owner-surrenders by helping people care for their companion animals. Funds will also maintain the Philadelphia Pet Pantry for the homeless that was established by proceeds from last year's run.

Run Fest - Sunday, June 3rd

You may have heard of Run Fest or maybe you know it by its old name ODDyssey Half Marathon. Either way, you should know that it's fricken awesome and that you need to get your ass on our team. We are currently leading with largest team...probably because it's December and the race is in June. But regardless! We're super hype! We want you there! There will be costumes! There will be lotsa fun running! And there will be a beer garden with a party tent at the end!

DELAYED 26x1 Marathon Relay Challenge -  Saturday, July 21

Everyone's favorite team marathon relay is coming up again! Get yourself registered!

All funds raised go to the Woodlands, because they're the best and they're hosting the event again this year!

Run Ends at Local 44 Bottle Shop OR
Mayor's Cup Pep Ralley
44th and Spruce OR
2440 Frankford Ave, East Philly

6 Miler
Pep Rally 6 miler

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