Tuesday, December 27, 2016

WPR e-jawn: December 28th -- Closing Out 2016!!

Some Words from the Management

Let's wrap up 2016 on a positive note with a final group run.
We'll head to the Bottle Shop afterwards.

(I know the routes say we're ending at Pasqually's, but I'm just lazy and didn't want to make new maps that actually end at 44th and Spruce. We will be ending at Local 44 Bottle Shop!)

Upcoming Running Fun Times

WPR New Year's Day Run - Jan 1 at 10am from 46th and Springfield

Start the new year on the right foot with an easy 5k run with some friends and then immediately go eat donuts (or something equally life-affirming). It's a new year and you're going to be focused on fitness, but also on living a balanced life, right? Starting from 46th and Springfield because Julia planned this one so she gets to start at her house.

Local 44 Bottle Shop
44th and Spruce

6 Miler

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