Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WPR e-jawn: November 16th

Some Words from the Management

My "wear bright shit" PSA is a few weeks late, but no less important. You may have noticed that it's dark when we meet up now (thanks for nothing Daylight Savings Time). You may have also noticed that Philly drivers aren't exactly the most conscientious of other road users. What I'm getting at is that we - runners - need to be extra attentive as we run through city streets. Watch out for cars at intersections and make sure they see you before crossing in front of them. Wear bright/reflective colors and think about using some lights, too. I've been hearing stories of collisions and near misses so this is a real risk. Be safe out there!

Our group of bright runners will be meeting as usual and ending our run at Pasqually's this week. Just a head's up that we will be running next week on the day before Thanksgiving and we'll be returning to Pasqually's for something special. Don't skip out if you are still in town next week.

Upcoming Running Jawns

RUN215 #NIGHTSHIFT - Wednesday Nov 16, 9:30pm @ 4th and South

A FREE POP-UP NIGHT RUN + WORKOUT + PARTY brought to you by the Jon Lyons of RUN215 and Suzanne Allaire of Runners World Magazine.

I highly recommend doing this as a double-header. Come run with us, then go run/work out/rock out with RUN215 and Runners World across town. 

Marathon After-party! - Sunday Nov 20, 1pm @ 5019 Hazel Ave

Picture it. It's Sunday and you you just ran a fricken marathon (or a half marathon the day before) and you have a sweet medal to show off! Well great news! We've got an after-party for you to come to where you can talk about your race, compare favorite Gu flavors, and talk about what hurts -- all while having some beers. The best part is that it's at 1pm so you have time to get lunch with your friends and family, take a shower, and then come out. Feel free to invite your friends to come out.

Good luck, runners!

43rd and Walnut

6 Miler

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