Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WPR e-jawn for Wednesday December 2nd

Some words from the management

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and gave thanks for all the that's great in your lives. I'm super thankful for all of you guys and everything we've built with WPR. It's a great time to pass all that thankfulness on. You've got a chance to do so this week with the shoe donations (see below). It's also a great time to run and we've got details about that below, too.

Upcoming Sports

Rocky 50K and Shoe Donation - Saturday 12/5 and Wednesday 12/2

Ha is collecting shoes for Back On My Feet that she'll be handing in at the Rocky 50K. It's her birthday goal to have the most shoes (by weight), so get your old hiking boots and running shoes out this Wednesday.

Then, this Saturday is the Rocky 50K. If you're not up for running 31 miles (because you're a sensible person), there are a whole bunch of people who will be doing the run as a relay so you can totally get in on this super fun run. 

This week's routes to Local 44 Bottle Shop

45 and Spruce
6 Miler

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