Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WPR e-jawn for our 250(+1) run!

Some words from the management


We have arrived! Last week, we ran our 250th consecutive Wednesday night run and look at all the fantastic, beautiful people that came out. Unfortunately, I was away and couldn't celebrate the occasion with the appropriate amount of fanfare. That is, until this week. Yes, this week, after our run we're going to mark the 250(+1) run the best way I know how, with a beer-loaded bbq at my place. My house is at 5019 Hazel Ave so come straight there if you can't do the run.

Upcoming événements du sport

Belmont Plateau Hall of Fame Classic - Sunday August 30th

Celebrate 50 years of the Belmont Plateau at the 1st Annual Belmont Plateau Hall of Fame Classic. New trail signage will be unveiled. And for those who are doing the Philly 10K, there will be a group of us who are doing both races.

Wednesday at noon is the last chance to register ahead of the race and guarantee a shirt and they do look pretty great. 

Fishtown Beer Runners/WPR POPE Run - Thursday September 24th

Fishtown Beer Runners was one step ahead of us on this idea so we're hopping on their bandwagon and joining them for a run to the POPE. For the truly stout of heart, there will be a run to Fishtown to their start point, while others are welcome to either travel some other way or just run directly to the POPE. All that matters is that we all celebrate POPE weekend together.

This week's routes to Local 44 Bottle Shop

6 Miler

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