Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WPR Sportscast for December 4

I noticed something funny on the way back through campus after the Monday Night Speed workout this week: the gym by Penn Field was packed, treadmills that usually stand empty were all occupied by people apparently trying their hardest to run through the second floor windows. This struck me as strange, since the weather was lovely, especially for early December, and even in the midst of winter I never see a soul at this gym. I concluded that this is what happens to people after they gorge themselves on Thanksgiving... I have no other conclusion to draw.

If you're feeling a primal urge to move your limbs to burn some calories, perhaps consider coming out to West Philly Runners. Then also consider replenishing those calories with a beer and pizza.

Upcoming Events!

Rocky Run 50K - Be a part of history on this first ever literal reenactment of the Rocky II training montage. You can learn much more about the origin of this from this Philly Mag article. Several folks are planning to run the whole thing and a group of us is doing it as a relay. Run is this Saturday 12/7 starting at 7am in South Philly (near Adrian's house, of course - Wolf St. & S. Lambert St.)

Holiday Lights Run - an annual tradition organized by South Philly Striders and Fishtown Beer Runners. Run through the outrageously overly decorated neighborhoods of S Philly and then hang out with fellow runners at American Sardine Bar. Next Thursday 12/12 at 7pm right across the street from the Oregon Ave Broad Street station. Wear your fanciest Christmas clothing - lights, bells, Santa costumes are encouraged!

This Week's Runs! (this time to Pasqually's for real)

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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