Tuesday, November 5, 2013

West Philly Runners Sportscast for November 6

OK it's not a big deal, but this week's run is technically our 3-year anniversary. I'm just putting that out there. Meanwhile, the marathon is fast approaching and I guess daylight savings ended so now we will be meeting up in the middle of the night... Make sure to be bright and/or reflective!

You're probably getting tired of hearing about it, but mark your calendars for the Philly Marathon Pre-race Pasta Party on Saturday November 16!

Also remember that Tzuo, our brewmaster, is making a pumpkin beer base (it's brewing right now) and he is looking for the best way to finish it off. We've turned to crowd-sourcing to get that. We have a few submissions, but we need more and your deadline is Wednesday November 6 (so basically NOW). Submit a recipe idea on this form (don't worry, you don't need to give quantities, just ingredients) and then we'll select the top recipes to brew for a tasting competition at the Pasta Party. Winner gets a $25 gift cert to Philadelphia Runner courtesy of my guilty conscious for banditing this year's race.

I want to put together a team of 8 runners for Ragnar Trail Appalachia in June (I know it's a long time from now, but early registration is less pricey). The Ragnar Trail race is a team relay where you run 3 legs of the 120 mile total. Unlike the Ragnar races we've done in the past where we traveled in vans to drop off and pick up runners, here everyone camps out in a central village and runners go out on the surrounding trails. Much more chill. So what's not to like: camping out, hanging with cool people, sleep deprivation, trail running, and there's even some climbing spots at the camp site. I need to get deposits ($150) from people who are interested by early December.

Just got word that registration is open for ODDyssey half marathon already! Big bonus for registering early - $55 with code ODDAlum through Nov 8th. Like last year, we'll be working towards getting a post-race tent (this year I'm making sure we are tied into the beer tent to avoid last year's shenanigans) so choose "ODDyssey Ambassador" when registration asks you how you heard about the race (and then choose me from the dropdown -Alon Abramson).

This week's routes (to the Bottle Shop at Local 44)

4 Miler

6 Miler

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