Monday, November 28, 2011

Most Beautiful Autumn

It's a great time to be a runner. Come out and run.

Upcoming Events:
12/15: Holiday Lights Run with Fishtown Beer Runners and South Philly Striders. Let's get a good group together and join up with these awesome running groups. I think this could be a great annual tradition! The run is on Thursday December 15th at 7 pm and we're starting at Broad and Oregon (you can take the Broad Street Line there) and then we'll be running through the beautifully, elaborately decorated neighborhoods of South Philly to Cantina Los Caballitos at 12th and Passayunk (again right near the Tasker/Morris Broad Street stop. Check out more details and RSVP on the facebook

12/31: Patriots' 5K. This is a run David April of Fishtown Beer Runners is organizing in Trenton on New Year's Eve morning. More info here.

1/4: A WPR New Years Celebration. I would like to have you all over to my place after our first run of 2012. We will drink cool-aid and hop aboard the coming UFO. That's code for drinking beers and the champagne that I have left over from the 1 year anniversary (thanks Paul). We can also celebrate the fact that we'll have 3 WPRs (and a feisty pup) living under one roof!

1/15: "Chilly Cheeks" 7.2Mi Trail Run. This is the most gnarly thing you can do in mid-January. More info here.

This week's runs...
2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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