Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Greetings from Taiwan

I'm thrilled that West Philly Runners will be meeting, running and drinking in my absence, while I'm in Taiwan. I will be running with you in my heart.

Seeing as this is prime running season, there are bound to be fun races coming up. I am a huge fan of trail races and I'm planning on running the 'Ghouls & Fools' train run on Saturday night, 10/22. If you're interested, we should carpool!!

A few of us are thinking about doing a Halloween weekend house party costume run/crawl. The details are yet to be ironed out, but they will be worked out soon and then announced to the WPR public. We are thinking about stopping by different WPR residences along the way. Picture a costumed run through West Philadelphia with stops for drinks here and there. So basically like your typical Wednesday night.

Send me a shout if you are doing any cool runs in the near future!


2 Miler


6 Miler

8000 Miler

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