Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great Outdoors

This is such an exciting time for running. We had a 6-person team run in the 1st Annual Cobbs Creek 5K. Despite the morning rain, Mayor Nutter started us off and we ran through puddles and mud and finished up in time to enjoy a beautiful afternoon. And this weekend we've got the Broad Street Run coming up! One of our runners, Molly, can't run on Sunday and has registered. She would love to give up her registration to someone who needs it. If you would like to run the Broad Street Run, please email me ASAP and we'll arrange for the exchange.

This week we're going to meet up and run as usual, but we'll head to a different spot afterwards: Plotland at 44th and Locust. Plotland is a little community garden space being built by the efforts of a dedicated group of folks in the neighborhood. They are really happy about our desire to utilize the space on Wednesday night. So after our run, we'll head there for some BBQing and drinks. We'll get some beers from one of the shops nearby and have a lot of brown bags on hand. Invite your friends to come out after the run if they can't or don't want to do the run.

Also, as part of the outside BBQ drinking event, we're going to try to finally make WPR running shirts. This will involve spray painting 'wife beaters' either using a stencil or just free-hand. We'll have all the materials, but it'll definitely be a DIY project. Don't worry, after a few beers we're all artists.

Running routes:

2 miler

4 miler

6 miler

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