Tuesday, February 6, 2024

WPR weekly deets: February 7


Some Words from the Management

It's not often we get to check out a brand new spot for post-run hangs but this week is one of those times. We're going to head to Two Locals, which just opened last week. It's a cool spot that will be perfect for our group. Hope you'll join us!

Run starts at Clark Park (44th and Baltimore) and ends at Two Locals (37th and Market).

Upcoming Events

Broad Street Run - May 5

It's time to register for the Broad Street Run lottery! Registration is only open until February 15 so don't put it off. And if you're not running 10 miles yet, don't worry. There's plenty of time to get in shape for the distance!

West Philly Runners Go to the Russian Spa - Saturday, February 24

This is a bit of a departure from our normal events. We're planning an outing to the Russian spa in NE Philly and there'll even be a shuttle service (sign up here) to take us there. Call it your after running self care or call it your chance to hang out and sip vodka (or something non-alcoholic of course) and eat pierogis between sauna sessions.

WPR 26x1 Marathon Relay - May 11

The best race of the year is coming up! Marathons are hard but they're easier when taken one mile at a time with you and 12 friends splitting the distance! It's a great time with 100% of funds going straight to the Woodlands to keep that place awesome and accessible for runners!

Run ends at Two Locals
(37th and Market)

6 Miler

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