Wednesday, November 8, 2023

WPR weekly deets: November 8


Some Words from the Management

Well, daylight savings ended and the darkness is upon us. Wear your bright colors/lights and get amped about the upcoming fun events! 

Run starts at Clark Park (44th and Baltimore) and ends at Local 44 Bottle Shop (44th and Spruce).

Philly United Marathon Week Kickoff - Sunday, November 12 @ 9am

All runners, walkers, and athletes using racing wheelchairs are welcome! Whether you are training for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 8K, or just looking for movement and community ….. the 5K easy paced run and 1.5 Mile walk will both start and end at Philadelphia Runner. All Faces and All Paces are welcome!

Philadelphia Runner Center City, 1711 Walnut Street

5K Run, or 1.5 Mile Walk

Philly Marathon Cheer Squad and After Party - Sunday, November 19

It's nearly Philly Marathon weekend and you can be a part of the fun even if you aren't running. West Philly Runners will be by the Mile 10 marker in front of the Please Touch Museum. This is a great spot because it's relatively easy to get to for folks in West Philly and it's a place where there usually aren't a ton of people cheering so it makes a BIG difference to the runners! To see the elite runners come through, you'll want to be there by 8:15am.

After the marathon, I'll be hosting an after-party at my place, 5019 Hazel Ave, from 1-4pm. Everyone is welcome, whether you ran the 8K, half-marathon, full marathon or nothing at all. I'll have drinks and snacks on hand.

Rocky 50K - Saturday, December 2 @ 7am

What if the epic training montage in Rocky 2 was a real run through Philly? Rocky would have crushed a 50K through the streets of Philly before dawn (with a hoard of kids in his wake for some reason). Every year, a group of intrepid runners turn the fictional montage into a reality at the Rocky 50K fat ass (unsupported) run. And this event is organized by our very own Rebecca Barber!

Everyone starts at Adrian's house at Wolf St & Lambert St in South Philly at 7am and completes a bonkers course all over town to end up at the Rocky Steps, naturally. You don't need to commit to running the entire thing and many runners do the first 10K (there are donuts courtesy of our friends at Stock's Bakery) and then call it quits. Others form relays to complete the 50K as a team (folks drive from point to point with one runner out at a time) and others simply come out to cheer and sometimes to hand out snacks. Lots of ways to join in on the fun!

Run ends at Local 44 Bottle Shop
(44th and Spruce)

6 Miler

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