Wednesday, November 2, 2022

WPR weekly deets: November 2


Some Words from the Management

It's time for the FIFTH edition of the absolutely inadvisable Pizza Mile which will take place in Clark Park! This week, you can make the poor decision of eating pizza and then trying to run as fast as possible (and doing so not once, but four times) to secure your place in the group of people who have sold out their common sense for a shot at glory.

The logistics are weird for this one. Pizza Mile starts at 7pm and that gives you enough time to come to West Philly Runners at 6:30 and run the 2 mile route and get back in time to "race." You can also skip Pizza Mile and do the 4 or 6 mile runs and come back and hang out with beers in the park. 

So, all runs start and end at Clark Park (44th and Baltimore) with the added option of Pizza Mile!

Upcoming Sportsing

The Pizza Mile - November 2, 7pm (after the WPR 2 milers get back)

The Pizza Mile came about in response to a break-in at Pasqually's in 2016 and proved to be an incredible show of support from the community.

This year, we're doing it again because we love Pasqually's and we love dumb races.
Last year's shift in location worked so well, we're making it permanent. We'll plan to meet in Clark Park where WPR gathers for our weekly Wednesday night runs.

Starting at the NW corner of the Clark Park, participants will eat a small slice of pizza and run a lap through the park and repeat... All together, participants run four laps and nom four slices of pizza. You can participate with a team, walk, run, or crawl. It's all for fun and continues to benefit Pasqually's, run by some of our favorite people.

First place awards for the men's and women's winner, naturally.

We'll be asking for a $5 contribution from the participants to cover cost of the pizza and we'll have beers for $5 a piece! You can pay in cash, Venmo (@alon-abramson), or CashApp ($westphillyrunners).

Runs End at Clark Park

6 Miler

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