Wednesday, June 29, 2022

WPR weekly deets: June 29


Some Words from the Management

We usually try to have our runs end in West Philly but once in a while it's worth mixing it up. This week we'll end our runs at The Oval in front of the Art Museum. It looks like a fun time and I was inspired seeing other local running groups going there. So bring an ID and $ to be able to partake!

Runs start at Clark Park (44th and Baltimore) and end at The Oval!

Upcoming Events

Mayor's Cup - Saturday, August 13

The Philly Mayor's Cup is a celebration of the culture of community amongst Philadelphia runners, held on historic Belmont Plateau. This one is only about the team: there are no individual winners. One day, five races: 5K, 5 Mile, 10K, 10 Mile, and a Half Marathon. May the fastest* team win!

*The most enthusiastic team also wins. As well as the one that raises the most for charity!

Runs End at The Oval
Bring your ID and $

6 Miler

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