Wednesday, March 23, 2022

WPR weekly deets: March 23


Some Words from the Management

Well it's been a long, weird ride these past two years. Just over 2 years ago, WPR went on hold to "flatten the curve" (lolsob) and when we did come back that July, we shifted to runs starting in Clark Park and ending in the park or in generous runners' backyards. Then there was the surge in cases and WPR went dark from November to March again. But since then we've been going strong with our weekly runs. 

This week, we make another shift towards before-times normalcy with our first run in 105 (!) weeks that ends at a bar! I'm super excited to announce that we'll be going to Gojjo (thank you Kathryn for helping get that set up!), just up the street at 5450 Baltimore Ave. They have an outdoor space in the back for those who are not ready to be unmasked indoors (totally legit). 

As a courtesy to the bar staff, I ask that you bring cash with you so they aren't trying to manage 50 individual tabs. 

Also, if you have been meaning to shoot me over some virtual $ for beers, now's your chance. As of right now, we have another $600+ to donate to YEAH! Philly and that means that over the course of this pandemic, we've raised over $1,400 for them!

All runs start at Clark Park (NE corner) and end at Gojjo!

Runs End at Gojjo (4540 Baltimore Ave)

6 Miler

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