Tuesday, December 7, 2021

WPR weekly deets: December 8


Some Words from the Management

This week everything revolves around the Pizza Mile. We'll get together at our usual 6:30pm time and still do our normal 2, 4, and 6 mile runs.

The Pizza Mile begins at 7pm so if you want to participate in that silliness should either show up around 7 or come out and do the 2 mile run so you're back on time. For 4 and 6 mile runners, we'll be hanging out at Clark Park and will welcome you back with a cooler of beverages.

To summarize: Pizza Mile starts at 7pm, WPR starts at 6:30pm.

All runs start and end at Clark Park (NE corner)!
COVID Run Rules
1. Get your COVID vaccine!
2. Wear a mask while running or just hanging out if you're unvaccinated 
3. Gather in Clark Park
(in the grass close to the path right near 44th and Baltimore Ave)
4. Continue to keep some distance when we gather at Clark Park and during the run.
5. Decide ahead of time what distance you're running and your preferred speed and try to learn the route. When you arrive, talk with other runners and find a group that matches your distance/pace. Do your best to accommodate people so we can have everyone running in a group.
6. Folks will go out in waves based on distance.
7. As always, don't be an asshole.

Upcoming Run Sports 

The Pizza Mile - December 8, 7pm (after the WPR 2 milers get back)

The Pizza Mile came about in response to a break-in at Pasqually's in 2016 and proved to be an incredible show of support from the community.

This year, we're doing it again, because COVID has proven that you gotta live your life and do fun, dumb things while you have the chance! Plus, we love Pasqually's and we miss being able to show that love after our weekly runs.

This year, we're changing things up to accommodate for COVID. Pasqually's is a small space and they are not comfortable with a ton of us popping in there. Instead, we'll plan to meet in Clark Park where WPR gathers for our weekly Wednesday night runs.

Starting at the NW corner of the park, participants will eat a small slice of pizza and run a lap through the park for. Participants will run four laps and nom four slices of pizza. You can participate with a team, walk, run, or crawl. It's all for fun and continues to benefit Pasqually's, run by some of our favorite people.

First place awards for the men's and women's winner, naturally.

We'll be asking for a $5 contribution from the participants to cover cost of the pizza and this week we'll ask folks to put in $5 per beer. All $ will then be used to buy beers from Pasqually's for the following week.

WPR Shirt Orders - Orders must be in by Sunday December 12!

Folks have asked for new shirts and we (mostly Emma and Gene) have delivered! We have fitted and straight cut long sleeve shirts available for pre-order now and orders must be in by this Sunday 12/12! All shirts will then be available for pickup at the West Philly Philadelphia Runner store.

Runs End at Clark Park

6 Miler

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