Tuesday, November 2, 2021

WPR weekly deets: November 3


Some Words from the Management

I know everyone has different preferences for the kind of weather they like running in, but if your preference isn't 50 degrees on a clear fall night, then I'm afraid you're wrong. And great news! We have perfect running weather for this week's run. And Rebecca and John are hosting at their place! 
All runs start at Clark Park and end at the Barbers' place (900 block of S 51st between Florence and Warrington)!
COVID Run Rules
1. Get your COVID vaccine!
2. Wear a mask while running or just hanging out if you're unvaccinated 
3. Gather in Clark Park
(in the grass close to the path right near 44th and Baltimore Ave)
4. Continue to keep some distance when we gather at Clark Park and during the run.
5. Decide ahead of time what distance you're running and your preferred speed and try to learn the route. When you arrive, talk with other runners and find a group that matches your distance/pace. Do your best to accommodate people so we can have everyone running in a group.
6. Folks will go out in waves based on distance.
7. As always, don't be an asshole.

Runs End at Barbers' place
900 block of S 51st St
(btwn Florence and Warrington)

6 Miler

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