Monday, April 27, 2020

WPR weekly deets: COVID week 7 (April 29)

Some Words from the Management

We'd normally be talking about our Broad Street Run and the post-race party on Sunday, but we are cursed with living in interesting times. There's lots to look forward to when quarantine is over and we can get back to normalcy, but in the meantime we'll make due with our virtual activities and shared experiences. Keep sharing your runs with the group on Facebook and let us know how you're creatively adjusting to circumstances.

And, if you haven't been running and exercising as much as you were before the lockdown (like me), that's OK too. We're all dealing with this situation in our own ways. And besides, running isn't going anywhere.

All runs end at your house.

Virtual and Optimistic Future In-Person Events

PR Solo Run Ten Challenge - All week

Part of what makes the Broad Street Run so special is that it brings the entire Philadelphia community together. It’s more than a race. It’s a connection to something so much larger - the city we love, the Philadelphia community cheering and volunteering, and the other runners sharing such hallowed ground. The Broad Street Run is an annual celebration that unites us - the new runners, the once a year runners, the everyday runners, and everyone in between. Running is a unique sport where you will find all ages, all levels, all paces sharing the same road at the same time.

While we stay home and look forward to running ten miles through our favorite city in October, the roads are still open. The PR Solo Challenge for this week is to run ten miles. You don’t have to do it all at once. You don’t even have to run if you prefer to walk, hike or bike. Just cover ten miles throughout the week, share your miles with us and use the #prsoloten.

WPR 26 x 1 Mile Marathon Relay - Saturday August 22

We've rescheduled the 26x1, WPR's super awesome team marathon relay. It's going to be happening in August assuming we can return to normal life by then.

Runs End at Your House

6 Miler

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