Wednesday, March 4, 2020

WPR weekly deets: March 4

Some Words from the Management

Spring is really in the air now. The daffodils are poppin. The contractors are beginning to make the Grays Ferry swing bridge connection between Bartram's and the Crescent look like it might truly happen (see the photo above). And everyone and their mom are starting to get serious about training for the Broad Street Run. We've braved through the winter (sorta kinda if you count what just happened as winter) and now it's our time to reap all the benefits of that winter (again, I'm not so sure) running! And if you've been waiting for the right moment to come out of hibernation, I suggest that this is it!

This week's run ends at Local 44 Bottle Shop!

Upcoming Run Sports

Back on My Feet 5 Miler - Saturday March 28

Back on My Feet is committed to building a stronger and healthier community. The Stroehmann Bakeries Back on My Feet 5-Miler helps to support our services to improve the self-sufficiency of those experiencing homelessness. Money raised from this event helps Back on My Feet in Philadelphia reduce homelessness through running and community building, as well as employment and housing resources.
Here's the deal for this year's race:
At Back on My Feet, we’re excited for another fantastic year in 2020, and first up is our annual 5 Miler race on March 28th.
We would love to welcome back team West Philly Runners this year! Our team challenge is back, with the largest team winning:
· 1 Private team tent
· 1 Private team portapotty
· 1 Table of spreads to accompany your post-race bread!
I sincerely hope your crew can join our community again this year! As a special thank you for your past support, I’m excited to offer you all $5 for each team member. Team members can simply use code WPR20 at check-out!

Love Run Half - Sunday March 29

I'll be honest, I wouldn't normally promote this race, but there are quite a number of WPRs running it and it'll definitely be a fun time, so if you're looking for an early spring goal race to keep you motivated through this winter BS, this is it.

WPR Interval Training - Mondays at 5:30pm

Whether your training plan is calling for it or you just want to add a little variety to your running, WPR has you covered for your interval training needs down. We meet up at Penn Park every week at 5:30pm at the bike racks south of the western soccer field (if someone has a better way of describing that location then let me know...).

The standard workout is 3-5x 1000m with 400m recovery between sets and the group is very good at explaining that workout to new folks who come out... so come out!

Runs End at Local 44 Botlte Shop
44th and Walnut

6 Miler

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