Monday, March 23, 2020

Weekly Run Deets: COVID WEEK 2 (March 25)

Some Words from the Management

We've entered a new chapter in the COVID fight with the city's new "Stay at Home " requirement. The only really good news here - aside from hopefully everyone being safer and this threat going away sooner - is that outdoor exercise is permitted. Running has always been a stress release and a way to combat anxiety, but that's feeling even more important these days.

So in the spirit of the indomitably of our runner community, we are transitioning our Wednesday weekly run to a week-long virtual run.

This week, the 6 miler goes through the beautiful cherry blossom allée in Fairmount Park. If you have a few additional miles in you, I highly recommend continuing this run onto West River Drive where you'll see even more blossoms and you'll have a nice open street to yourself.

Run smart and stay 6' apart from others while you're out there.

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6 Miler

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