Monday, September 30, 2019

WPR weekly deets: October 2nd

Some Words from the Management

We closed out the final week of the PHS pop-up garden last week and probably all assumed we were ushering in the fall. Oh boy were we wrong. We've got some nonsense 90 degree garbage weather coming up for this week's run, which is why we're so lucky that we have one another for motivation. Plus, we'll end our run at Alon (that's me, third person is weird) & Arwin's place where there will be snacks and beer. Feel free to bring stuff if you'd like, but we should be ok!

This week's run ends at 5019 Hazel Ave!

Upcoming Run Sports

Local Friday Night Run - Friday October 4th at 8:45pm

Beginner run for everyone by a group that's new to the area. We know that Wednesday night isn't convenient for everyone so wanted to be sure that y'all knew about this run option. If they keep it going, hopefully they'll have a central place you can go to find out about it, but I'll share in the meantime.

What the El - Saturday October 5th

What is WHAT THE EL?! Simply put: We take the El, we eat donuts, we run, we traverse Philly, we eat again, we take the El again.

Date: Sat, October 5th at 7am
Rain Date: Sun, October 6th at 7am

Wait? Why are we running the length of the Market-Frankford Elevated Train Line? Well, I (Hi, I'm Chris, the run organizer) live in West Philly and my brother (Andrew) used to live in Fishtown (he now lives in Paris...). And taking the El one day, we thought it would be interesting to run the whole thing. And it turns out, the run is exactly 13.1 miles. Could there be a greater sign that this was a route that needed to be run? So, we got a group together (ok, really it was just Trevor) and the three of us ran the course for the first time in May 2017. It was damn hot. So we did it again with some more friends in October. That was a much better time to run. So we ran again in October 2018. Now it is time for the 4th What the El?! run.

Rescue Run 5K - Saturday November 2nd

The Rescue Run 5K  is Philly’s first and only race to benefit and promote rescue and adoption.   Racers, spectators, family and friends are able to meet furry friends for adoption at the event and get more information about getting involved with local animal shelters.  Proceeds go to continuing the mission of The Monster Milers, Philly’s shelter dog running volunteer and rescue organization. 
Important Note:  While this is a race that promotes dog rescue, dogs are not allowed to run in the race.  This is for the safety of our runners.  There will be plenty of adoptable dogs waiting at the finish and spectators are permitted to bring on-leash, social dogs to cheer for runners.

WPR Interval Training - Mondays at 5:30pm

Whether your training plan is calling for it or you just want to add a little variety to your running, WPR has you covered for your interval training needs down. We meet up at Penn Park every week at 5:30pm at the bike racks south of the western soccer field (if someone has a better way of describing that location then let me know...).

The standard workout is 3-5x 1000m with 400m recovery between sets and the group is very good at explaining that workout to new folks who come out... so come out!

Runs End at Hazel House
5019 Hazel Ave

6 Miler

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