Monday, July 1, 2019

WPR weekly jam: July 3

Some Words from the Management

If you're skipping town early for the 4th of July celebration, we get it. We're not taking it personally. But, for those of you who are making better choices and sticking around for Wednesday night WPR fun, you know we'll be out there for you.

(throwback pic from last year's Mayor's Cup, courtesy of Chris Ott on insta)

This week's run ends at Pasqually's

Upcoming Run Sports

Mayor's Cup - Saturday August 10

This is the Mayor's Cup: Runners from each and every Philadelphia community - fast runners and slow runners, trail runners and road runners, ultra-runners and 5K specialists, competitors and volunteers - coming together to represent the "team" they call their own.
5 Events, held on a single day, with a single start/finish line.  Clubs from all over the city, coming together for competition and socialization.
There are no individual winners.  The top male and female from each club, in each race, will earn points (based on ranking) for their club.  The winning club will be the Mayor's Cup Champion.

Our club password is "DockStreet"

Check out who else is running and distances on our tracking spreadsheet.

Runs End at Pasqually's
43rd and Walnut

6 Miler

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