Tuesday, May 14, 2019

WPR e-jawn: May 15th

Some Words from the Management

This week's run just happens to coincide with the Mayor's Cup Pep Rally that's ending at Dock Street Cannery so that's where we're going to end our runs!

And then this Saturday is the most awesome race of the year, WPR's own 26x1! If you haven't signed up yet, I don't know what you're waiting for! We have two teams so sign up for whichever. We'll probably try to make one "competitive team" and one "giving it all we've got even if all we've got is beer" team (which I will proudly be on).

This week's run ends at Dock Street Cannery!

Upcoming Run Sports

Mayor's Cup Pep Rally - May 15 (after WPR run)

We'll be finishing up our weekly run at the Mayor's Cup Pep Rally a Dock Street Brewery!

The Pep Rally is an opportunity to meet competing clubs and maaaaybe do a little (good-natured) trash-talking while enjoying brews on a spring evening.

Registration will open on-site at the Pep Rally: the first 50 people to register will claim a FREE BEER, and everyone will get a $5 discount on their registrations.

We have a little spreadsheet going to track who is doing which distance people plan to run so we can form full teams. Check it out and feel free to add yourself in there.

7th Annual WPR 26x1 Mile Marathon Relay - Saturday May 18th

Marathons are hard. You know what's easier? Running a marathon on a team of 13 runners where you each run a single mile, take a nice relaxing beer break, and then go run one more for good measure.

This year will be the 7th Annual 26x1 Mile Marathon Relay and the 3rd on our home turf, at The Woodlands. We had two teams last year, including the winning team, not that anyone's keeping track of these things.

Sign up today and let's get another two teams together for the best race of the year!

Run Fest - Sunday June 2

Philly Run Fest is a celebration of all things running and Philadelphia. Presented by Philadelphia Runner, Philly Run Fest was founded by passion for our city and built to bring together the Philadelphia running community.

We're looking to get a nice little team of 30 people so we can get our very own port-a-pot! You can use the discount code WPR19 to get $5 off. Make sure to join the West Philly Runners team!

Registration fees go up at the end of the month so definitely sign up now if you're interested in doing any of the races: 5K, half-marathon relay, or the whole half-marathon!

Runs End at Dock Street Cannery!
50th and Willows

6 Miler

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