Tuesday, October 24, 2017

WPR e-jawn: October 25th

Some Words from the Management

It's time for my annual "hey, it's dark outside at 6:30pm" public service announcement. It may still feel like summer, but you'll be running in the dark. That means you need to make sure that people can see you and that you are looking out for your fellow West Philly Runners. Wear reflective stuff and avoid wearing dark clothes. Watch out when you are crossing roads and make sure people actually see you before you run in front of their cars (ask Kyle about his experience with this). Similarly, be sensitive to other people walking around that you run past. Give them a friendly head's up and don't scare the shit out of them. Chat with folks at the beginning of the run to find other people who are running your distance and will be a good pace match. If you see someone running on their own, slow down to let them catch up or catch up to them so you're in a group. We have never had any issues (beyond kids being idiots), but we want everyone to be safe.

We'll be ending our runs at Pasqually's!

Upcoming Run Jawns

1,000 WPR Members Run 1,000 Miles! - This week

In our proud tradition of honoring arbitrary milestones, this week we are celebrating our 1,000th member on the Facebook group. We're going to see what this massive army of runners can do with a small test our forces. Let's see if we can run 1,000 WPR miles this week. Log your runs on this handy Google Sheet that Emma made!

WPR Turns 7 at Dock Street Cannery! - November 8th

I'll spare everyone a wistful post about how time flies and yada yada and let's just focus on celebrating another awesome year of West Philly running!

The Woodlands Gobble Wobble - Saturday, November 11th at 9am

The Woodlands Gobble Wobble is back! This individual or team 5K wobble takes you through the historic grounds of William Hamilton's 18th century estate, 19th century cemetery and modern day urban oasis. Outrun The Woodlands Turkey and support the neighborhood's best running spot. All proceeds will go towards improving runner amenities at The Woodlands. The men's and women's first place finishers each win a Thanksgiving turkey or tofurkey from Mariposa Food Co-op!

Go the Extra Pizza Pile for Pasqually's - Tuesday, November 14th at 7pm

The Pizza Mile came about in response to an unfortunate crime last year and proved to be an incredible show of support from the community.

This year, we're doing it again...because we're idiots.

Starting at Pasqually's, participants will eat a slice of pizza and run a lap around the block for a total of three laps (which is pretty darn close to a mile) and three slices of pizza. You can participate with a team, walk, run, or crawl. It's all for fun and continues to benefit Pasqually's who are straight up awesome people.

First place awards for the men's and women's winner, naturally.

We'll be asking for a contribution from the participants to cover cost of the pizza, which should be around $5.

Run Ends at Pasqually's
43rd and Walnut

6 Miler

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