Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WPR e-jawn: September 13th

Some Words from the Management

Things are going to be pretty standard this week with our run ending at Local 44 Bottle Shop. But it's good to know that there are a lot of WPRs out there having anything but a standard week with mountain climbing/trail running/generally awesome adventures. Keep on doing your thing, take some photos, share them with us so we can admire the scenery and come back with some epic stories.

Speaking of doing something different, next week should live up to that. We're going to be doing our first ever run to Dock Street's (relatively new) Cannery right next door to the original brew pub.

Upcoming Events

WPR at Dock Street Cannery + Lounge - Wednesday September 20

It's time to try out a new spot on our running bar tour of West Philly. So, we're going to take a week off from our usual Local 44/Pasqually's regimen and head over to Dock Street's Cannery and Lounge space on 50th right next to the brewery. It's a great spot so definitely come check it out even if you can only make the 4th loop!

Run Ends at Local 44 Bottle Shop
44th and Spruce

6 Miler

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