Wednesday, July 19, 2017

WPR e-jawn: July 19

Some Words from the Management

OK we are solidly into the brutal summer running season and you know the drill: drink a ton of water before the run. By the time you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated, yada yada yada. Most importantly, listen to your body and don't do anything foolish. You always have the 4th loop option to skip the run and meet us at the bar if you're worried about the heat.

Runs ending at Pasqually's!

Upcoming Events

Runners Happy Hour - Wednesday July 26

The event is herein described in the words of the Woodlands, because I'm not feeling particularly witty at the moment:
"Join us for a brew or two at the Hamilton Mansion after your evening work out during Runner's Happy Hour. A selection of craft beers has been generously provided by Duvel.

Free for members
$10 suggested donation for non-members
Not sure if you're a member? Email us:

Runner's Happy Hour is member appreciation event series. It's our way of thanking our most frequent users and supporters. Want to become a member? Join here:"

Yards Bridge Run & Happy Hour w/ 5000 Yards Dash - Monday July 17

3rd Monday of the month? That can only mean one thing.....BRIDGE RUN!!! C'mon out for another night of cruisin' and boozin'. As a special incentive we will also be using the night as a pre-registration event for everyone's favorite odd distance race, the 5,000 Yards Dash. If you don't know by now, Yards is moving later this year so this is the last year you'll be able to run this race at the old place, so get on it. $5 (cash please) at the door gets you a bracelet that gets you $4 beers plus one free raffle ticket, other tickets are available for purchase (also cash only). All proceeds from bracelets and raffles will go to Achilles International- Philadelphia Chapter, the official charity of the 5000 Yards dash.

NOTE: Bracelets and raffle tix are cash only. Beers are cash/card. Total distance is around 4.25 miles. All paces, all faces welcome.

Mayor's Cup - Saturday August 12

Come join us on the plateau for a day of hanging with all the runners in Philadelphia! There will be food and drink and music and lots of sun. Also a tent, and probably a table. Maybe a kiddie pool full of ice? There will be running but you don't have to run to come participate. The race will need non-running volunteers and Kyle will need his group of super cooling providers of coolness to runners. And you can just come hang.

The Philly 10K - Sunday August 27

The Philly 10K is inspired by our city’s passion for community and running.
The race is a 6.2 mile loop through South Philly and Center City, passing through two of Philadelphia’s most vibrant corridors (13th Street + East Passyunk) and past one of its most historic (Italian Market) along with 76 city blocks that most of us have walked, shopped, biked, BBQ’d, slept, or front stoop’d on at some point in our lives.

Put on by a group of proud and dedicated Philadelphians since 2014, we celebrate the history, diversity, and unique neighborhood fabric that makes each of us proud to call this city home.

Run Ends at Pasqually's
43rd and Walnut

6 Miler

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