Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WPR e-jawn: October 5th

Some Words from the Management

Before I started West Philly Runners, I hadn't ever been to Pasqually's. I couldn't have imagined that six years later, this would be such an important spot for me and this running group. Ken and his family are as much part of our running group as I am and I am happy that we can show them some support in this rough time for them and their business. I hope you can come out, too. Check out details below.

Upcoming Sports Outings

Run the Extra Pizza Mile for Paqually's - Tonight! Wednesday 7pm

West Philly Runners is all about supporting our community. That's why when we heard that Pasqually's had had a break-in over the weekend, we wanted to do something to show them that we really appreciate having them in the neighborhood. On top of that, Ken and his family have been wonderful to us when we come in after our runs every other week. So we decided to not only end our run at Pasqually's again this week, but to add on a little fun with the first ever Pizza Mile. You don't have to do the run to come out. We want to get a good turnout to as a show of love and to give these hardworking folks a nice bump in sales to start to make up for their loss.

This week's routes to Pasqually's
43rd and Walnut

6 Miler

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