Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WPR e-jawn for February 24th

Some words from the management

Based on the sheer number of race announcements I've been getting lately, it feels like race season is seriously right around the corner. And with all this wonderful weather we've been having lately (note I said "have been" - brace yourselves for the rain this week), it's almost enough to really motivate you to get out for a few runs here and there. Why not make Wednesday night one of them?

Important Sportsing Updates

WPR Squirrel Jawns (shirts)!

New shirts are going to happen soon. SO SOON! Philadelphia Runner is going to order them and have them available at their store in West Philly. They want to get a headcount so they know approximately how many to order. So please check out this link and let us know what size shirt you'll want.

ODDyssey Half Marathon Team

We've teamed up with the South Philly Striders to form a power team named West Philly and South Philly Run in Stride for this year's ODDyssey Half Marathon. I would argue that the ODDyssey is Philly's best half marathon with a fun course and a costume contest. It's also a great chance for us to celebrate as a club. Once we get 20 people on our team, we're going to get a party tent and we're going to party. We want you in our tent! Join the team! Here's the link to register.

This week's routes to Local 44 Bottle Shop

44th and Spruce
6 Miler

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