Tuesday, June 23, 2015

WPR Sportscast for Wednesday June 24th

Some words about this week's run

From what I've gathered on Facebook, we have been having a rough weather week, but the sheer numbers of #sweatyselfies. This feels like a good time to remind everyone that we run every week regardless of the weather (from snow to hellish heat), but you should never run in conditions that feel unsafe for you. Hot, humid days necessitate special care: drink a lot of water, eat lighter meals, wear light and moisture-whicking clothes, and try to run in the morning or evening.

Upcoming Races and Events

Devil Take the Hindmost - June 27 at Temple University's Track

If you want to take on a really novel running challenge, you should check out this race. It's like a cracked out runner's version of musical chairs. Runners circle a track and after the first two laps, the Devils start to pull out the hindmost runners (the last ones to cross the line). This goes on until the field is whittled down. It's more strategic than your standard race and it's sure to be a blast.

This week's routes (to Local 44 Bottle Shop)

6 Miler

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