Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WPR Sportscast for June 3rd

Some words about this week's run

We totally #BeatTheCommute last week with a runner taking down the bus and more than a dozen outrunning Team Car. It was a really fantastic experience and helped us make our larger point that there are better ways to get to and from work than driving a car. Hell, if you're up for it, you can even run.
Speaking of the running lifestyle, tomorrow is National Running Day. Hmm...if only there was a fun running activity you could take part in...
(photo by Bas Slabbers)

Upcoming Running Sporting

ODDyssey Expo - June 6

You wouldn't think that a race expo is a running event in itself, but this year's ODDyssey Expo is sure to change that perspective. As the director writes, "In 2015, the Philadelphia Running Community is one of the most vibrant, supportive and fun communities out there.  That Community deserves an expo that is just as vibrant, supportive and fun." Not only will WPR be representing at the club lounge (what what!), but there are FIVE scheduled shake-out workouts (including a WPR run - what what, again!), clinics, charity village, and food/beer vendors. Basically, it's going to be a really unique experience that you won't want to miss.

ODDyssey Half Marathon - June 14

Between the costume contest, beer tent, and the awesome course through Fairmount Park, this is (in my humble opinion) the best half-marathon in Philly. Register under our team when it asks how you found out. If we get a group of 10 together, we'll have our own party tent that we will stock with beer and a blowup monkey doll. The race is likely to sell out (it's small - only 4000 runners) so register soon.

This week's routes (to Pasqually's)

6 Miler

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