Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March (or run) over for the last nighttime run of the winter

A few words about this week's run

I'll admit, the "end of winter" (or at least the coming daylight savings time change) really snuck up on me this year. It could be the record-setting frigid February weather, but I'd like to believe that we've just been having such a blast running together and embracing the sucky weather so perfectly, that we simply lost track of the time. Well whatever the reason for it, we're finally nearly through the hardest part of winter and next week we'll even be gathering in daylight. Hard to believe.

Also look at this striking "men of WPR" March calendar photo.

Upcoming run sports

Lenape Survival Challenge - April 25

Listen up! This is one of the funnest races you'll do all year. You and a partner run through a farm field and through a ski slope, and then you both hop in a canoe and paddle to the finish line. On top of that, you join up with other West Philly Runner pairs as a "tribe" and compete against other tribes. There is absolutely no other race like it. And this year, we're going to come home with the tribe trophy! Help us bring it home.

Donor Dash 5K/10K - April 19

Organ donations help save lives. That's something you've probably heard before, but it's something that hits close to home for some of our own runners and so we are getting fully behind this year's Donor Dash race. In fact, we have a WPR team that you can join. Funds raised will support organ donation awareness campaigns. If you aren't up for running, please donate to our team. Thanks!

ODDyssey Half Marathon - June 14

PRICE BUMP ALERT! Price goes up at midnight on Saturday!
Between the costume contest, beer tent, and the awesome course through Fairmount Park, this is (in my humble opinion) the best half-marathon in Philly. Register under our team when it asks how you found out. If we get a group of 10 together, we'll have our own party tent that we will stock with beer and a blowup monkey doll. The race is likely to sell out (it's small - only 4000 runners) so register soon.

This week's routes (to Local 44 Bottle Shop)

6 Miler

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