Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WPR Sportscast for Wednesday December 17th

A few words about this week's run

For those who missed it, last Friday was the Winter solstice. That means that every day from now until the Summer solstice will be longer than the day before. So just hang in there; we'll be back to running under the sun's evening glow soon enough.
Also, if you haven't been out to our Monday night intervals, you should really consider coming out. The lights are always bright out at Penn Park and there is a good group of runners out there working on getting faster and stronger. 

Upcoming run sports

Next Wednesday's run is still on!

Have no fear, die hard WPRs, there will be a run next Wednesday on Christmas Eve. Amanda will be hosting those who can make it at her place afterwards. More details to come next week.

This week's routes (to Pasqually's, for real!)

6 Miler

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