Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WPR Pre-Thanksgiving Run

A few words about this week's run

We couldn't hope for better weather for this year's marathon, both for our cheer squad and the runners. From what I've heard, everyone had a great race. Congratulations to all of you who ran and a big thanks to those who were out cheering.
Unfortunately, good weather is not on the docket for tomorrow night's run. Have no fear though, we'll be out there running no matter what the weather gods throw at us. See you tomorrow, you crazy kids!

Upcoming run sports

Still taking that breather, but we'll probably be back next week with more exciting sports updates! Have something for me to share? Email me with deets and I'll post them here.

This week's routes (to Local 44 Bottle Shop)

Turkey Loop
(I don't expect anyone to run this but I'll buy you a beer if you do)
6 Miler

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