Monday, December 16, 2013

WPR Sportscast for December 18

More ice and snow on the ground, freezing temperatures... I think we're getting the hang of this now. Based on last week's impressive turnout, I no longer have any doubts that you're all insane and that this you're going to make running through the winter a blast.

Get festive this weekend. Kerith and Jay are having a holiday party at their place. Jay wrote to me to broadcast the invite to all of you, "Kerith and I had wanted to invite more of the WPR crew to our Christmas party this Saturday. It's open invite, starting at 7 p.m., and going until people leave, this Saturday 12/21, at our place (4927 Sansom St.). We'd love to have anybody who wants to come hang out!"

My race promotion is spotty and completely arbitrary, but I have a really warm place in my heart for Pretzel City Sport's races, and especially Chilly Cheeks. Just to get a sense of their style and whit, they write, "Pretzel City Sports is looking to hold events that are as outrageous as possible without involving the undead, bags of colored corn starch, fire pits or mud in your shorts (well. Actually, mud in your shorts is A-OK with US!)." If you need some motivation to keep in shape through this cold weather, this race is perfect. January 26, 7.2 mile trail run up Mt. Penn, with beer at the end, of course. "The Chilly Cheeks is a true test of your mid-winter fitness. It has more "uphills" than those that appear on Celebrity Rehab will face in life and more "downhills" than Miley Cyrus’ chances of participating in any future Disney projects."

The 2014 26 x 1mile Relay Challenge is happening on May 18. A third team has begun filling up their roster of 13 runners, each of whom will run two 1-mile legs for a group marathon! Bring it on Orange Iguanas and Blue Barracudas, whoever you are! We'll be hanging out all morning in beautiful West Fairmount Park in front of the Horticultural Center with music, drinks and some casual BBQing. Register now, only 105 spots are left.

This Week's Routes (to Pasqually's)

2 Miler

4 Miler

6 Miler

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