Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Race Season - WPR Run Update April 10

The most important thing that I can really talk about today is the 26 x 1 mile Marathon Relay happening on May 18. First of all, this is the best race of the year! Hands down. Secondly, the race is Julia's going away present before she moves to NYC this summer for grad school (we moved the date so she and Dan would still be around). All I ask is that you consider registering, tell all of your friends (and family) and make this the kick-ass race it is meant to be. It's not much to ask.

Also coming up in May is the Wissahickon Wanderers' Spring Trail Race Series. The event is Thursday May 2, 9, 16, and 23 (not the 30th) and I am going to be guest race director on the 16th!

But don't forget all the other races and events coming up. We are still looking for some runners to join us on April 27 for the Lenape Survival Challenge, especially with Aaron leaving us for greener pastures in Washington. There's the ODDyssey Half Marathon on June 9 and our huge team is already going to be hanging out post-race at our own beer tent. A few more runners on the team will get us a port-a-john of our own, which is the holy grail of races. And finally, we don't have specific plans yet, but we're going to have some kind of after-party for Broad Street. Have any suggestions? Want to host? Let me know.

This Week's Routes:

4 Miler

6 Miler

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